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Visiting Film & Video Artists & Speakers Series Binghamton University – Larry Gottheim

October 3, 2017 @ 7:30 pm - 9:00 pm


Larry Gottheim will present his CHANTS AND DANCES FOR HAND, 40 min.,1998 -2016, and two films, MNEMOSYNE MOTHER OF MUSES, (1987) and YOUR TELEVISION TRAVELER (1991)

Considered one of our greatest living avant-garde masters, we are very fortunate to host Larry Gottheim in person following his tour of Europe which includes screenings in London, Vienna, Budapest, Stockholm, Hamburg, Spain, among others. “From his late-1960s series of sublime ‘single-shot’ films to the dense sound/image constructs of the mid-1970s and after, his cinema is the cinema of presence, of observation, and of deep conscious engagement. While addressing genres of landscape, diary and assemblage filmmaking, Gottheim’s work properly stands alone in its intensive investigations of the paradoxes between direct, sensual experience in collision with complex structures of repetition, anticipation and memory.

Gottheim developed the Binghamton University Department of Cinema and taught there for more than three decades. This extremely influential department attracted the most talented artists, academics, and filmmakers of the day including Ken Jacobs, Hollis Frampton, Peter Kubelka, and Ernie Gehr among many others. Gottheim’s films are in the collections of museums and archives throughout the world, and a program of his restored early films premiered at the 2005 New York Film Festival.”(text: Revista Lumière)

The material for CHANTS AND DANCES FOR HAND was shot in Haiti about 25 years ago. Some sections are formed out of material from Vodou ceremonies. I participated in some of them. It is bound into a tightly coiled formal structure that echoes some of the pattern of ceremonies. Other material is shaped into interludes. In the turning center is a section with material recorded during an uprising. It is in part a meditation on death. Indeed the whole project is a meditation on death. Also birth. Hand is my Haitian son. Also, as in most of my films, memory. Not only the memory of what is rapidly passing by in the flow of sounds and images, but the deeper memory such as the ceremonies themselves evoke. This will be different for each viewer, each viewing. Also the ceremonial nature of cinema, movies and video. The only sounds are the musical sounds that accompany the images, the only images are those that accompany the musical sounds or silences. L.G.


October 3, 2017
7:30 pm - 9:00 pm