Walk, jog, bike, drive… a path is waiting for you in Greater Binghamton.

If you ever need to clear your head while traveling, you’re in luck when you visit Greater Binghamton. You can get your heart pumping or your motor running on our many tracks, pathways and roadways.

The City of Binghamton’s Rivertrails enable you to take a brisk walk, jog or ride while surveying the splendid scenery. Plus, not far from your lodging, there are several neighborhoods with broad sidewalks and green spaces made just for the traveler. If you’re in the commercial district along the Vestal Parkway, take a health break on the Rail Trail. Then, just minutes from center-city, our magnificent county and state parks add a wide and deep variety of idyllic settings for you to enjoy.

Walking Trails

Cyclists love that our rolling hills and winding valleys put them and their equipment to the test. And trust us, you won’t have to worry about the traffic. Plus, for the cycling addicts, there’s a professional cycling tour event that passes through our town each summer.

And for those who would rather cruise the roadways, we have something for everyone from the sports car enthusiast to the plain old Sunday driver. Take an afternoon during your stay, and chart a motor course through sleepy hamlets, past lovely old churches, across classic bridges, and along shimmering streams.

Find out where you’re going only when you get there! These are American scenes some folks only ever glimpse on their wall calendars, but for us, they’re only a short ride away.

Don’t forget the off-road experience, where you can ride mountain-bikes, ATVs, and dirtbikes at many choice locations where the trails are just waiting to be explored!

If you’re a kayaker, the waterways of Greater Binghamton are heaven on earth.

For additional information on hiking in the Greater Binghamton region please visit: http://www.triplecitieshikingclub.org/

Snowmobile Trails

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Broome County
Snowmobile Trail Map

Nearby Trails

Motor Tourist routes through rolling hills

Motorist Trails

The highways and byways are motorcycle-friendly, too. Several rallies return again and again to our area because our terrain gives “hog” riders their money’s worth at the pump! (Remember, in New York State, you must wear a helmet on a motorcycle.)

Download the BMTS Greater Binghamton Bicycle Route Brochure